Deed: Deed Bk. QQ: William Pendleton to Daniel Mason

Identifier: 2014.4.36
Object titles: Deed Bk. QQ: William Pendleton to Daniel Mason
Acquisition and Creation Dates:
Acquisition Date 1965 - 2012
Date Cataloged June 24 2014
RHS Keywords: Villages,Families
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Gristmills [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh94007572],Deeds [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh85036372]
Object Source Information: RHS Archives,RHS reference
Georeference: [38.712549352165,-78.152697914233]
Description: Deed of sale from William Pendleton to Daniel Mason to raise money to settle the rightful claims of the heirs of his wife, they being the children of her first marriage: Alfred, Mary, Sarah, Tennessee, and Almira Markham. At the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Markham he had received land worth $6000.00 and 5 slaves, Edmund, Mary, her children Davy, Mildred and James Madison. Mrs. Pendleton was a daughter of William and Sarah Porter. The sale encompassed the Rush River Mill, 25 adjoining acres, a lot and house in the town of Washington, the previously mentioned slaves, also slaves Melford and Morton, and numerous articles of furniture.

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