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Sixth Paper in the County

Identifier: 2019.1.217
1949 article written in the Rappahannock News detailing the charming paper named the Tattler which was written and published in the county in 1937 and 1938. Young Mary Campbell, Frances Miller, Louise Miller, and Miller Price wrote and printed this paper. The Saturday, September 17, 1938 "Extra" gave news of a fire at the barbershop in Washington owned by Mr. Phelbert Green. It broke out around three o'clock that morning, the telephone operator calling each phone line in town to alert folks to the news. Mr. C. T. Bruce ran inside the burning building and rescued three hair tonic bottles and Mrs. W. F. Moffett "rushed down the street with a very small pitcher of water and saw the whole town standing calmly watching the building burn and screamed 'Why doesn't somebody do something' twice." Also noted was the visit of Mrs. Moffett to Front Royal to get groceries and Mr. Moffett's trousers and on "Saturday the Trinity Guild will have a rubbish sale and they think everybody ought to buy something."
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