Deed: Deed Book K. pgs. 373-375

Identifier: 2016.5.39
Object titles: Deed Book K. pgs. 373-375
Acquisition and Creation Dates:
Acquisition Date 1965 - 2012
Date Cataloged September 1 2016
Object Source Information: RHS Archives,RHS reference
Georeference: [38.604838236426,-78.249998164804]
Description: Deed in which Lloyd D. Browning and John S. Partlow gave land to James W. Bragg, George B. Hisle, and Marcus Cooper, trustees for the Shiloh Association. Said land was to be used for the purposes of erecting a church building (Piedmont Baptist Church). This building was also to be used for a school when not in use for church services, but if the trustees thought fit, a separate building could be built for this use. Mr. Browning and Mr. Partlow retained all timber rights to this land. If the building was unused for the purposes laid out in the indenture for a period of two years, the land was to revert to Browning and Partlow.

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