Book: Peola Mills School information from the Johnson's Book

Identifier: 2014.2.100
Object titles: Peola Mills School information from the Johnson's Book
Acquisition and Creation Dates:
Acquisition Date 1965 - 2012
Date Cataloged February 25 2014
Book Info:
Book Type: Non-Fiction
Book Title: Rappahannock County Va History , Fact, Fiction, Foolishness, and the Fairfax Story
# Vols:
Author: Elizabeth & C. E. Johnson
Green Publishers Inc. , Orange VA , USA
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Copyright Date:
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RHS Keywords: Schools
Library of Congress Subject Headings: Rural schools [info:lc/authorities/subjects/sh85115928]
Object Source Information: RHS Archives,RHS reference
Georeference: [38.545105,-78.245705]
Description: Copy of page 226 of "Rappahannock County, Facts, Fiction, Foolishness and the Fairfax Story" with information of Peola Mills Schools

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